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  • Cliff Krahenbill aka Prof. K

Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow

The number one question I get asked most from students and those working in technology is how to succeed so I wanted to share with everyone my philosophy on how to succeed, make money while at the same time being content with what it is you do for a living. I've always believed that if you love what it is you do, the money will follow. Regardless of the vocation, if you enjoy what it is you do, you can make a living doing it. I enjoy working in technology and teaching. For years I've done very well for myself. In the beginning, I worked hard, got all the certs and earned multiple degrees but I enjoyed doing it. I knew that if I truly enjoyed what I was doing, the money would follow. I was taught this at a very young age.

The toughest man I ever met was my step father. He was strict but never mean or cruel. He was a logger and though he didn't speak much, he would remind me and my brother not to find work in the woods. He kept reminding us to do something in life that would made us happy, get an education, to work hard but working in the woods was not for us.

Work on building something positive The satisfaction of making something from nothing and seeing it grow over the years cannot be overstated. Money is great but it should not be the end all to everything we do. We were not meant to chase after wealth and spend our lives acquiring toys and possessions. What we were meant to do is have a quality of life. I understand this means different things to different people. Find what it is you love doing, do it to the best of your ability and the money will follow. I didn't start teaching to get rich but I found that I enjoyed it so much, I was able to make a decent living doing it. I now teach for five online universities, one of those full time and two being state universities. I didn't plan on it, It was just something I enjoyed doing and it happened. You add in Udemy, with my 35,000 enrolled students and you can see that I am truly blessed as an instructor. My online schools also offer me course design work. This only comes about because I truly enjoy what it is I do which is reflected in my online presence in the course rooms. Do what you love and the money will follow. I enjoy the idea of being able to reach out to so many students all over the world and seeing them better their lives through education and training. That's something very positive. Not everyone gets to or wants to do this. I'm one of the lucky ones. Enjoy your life and do what brings you the most enjoyment and the money will follow. Slow and steady wins the race I don't work hard because I plan everything out. I get an idea and if it's a good one, this turns into a vision. Over time I can see the end result taking place in my mind and eventually I begin working on making it a reality. Average time for completing an idea is 2 years. Everyone wants to go from zero to hero in 4 weeks or less but that' s just setting yourself up for failure. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Regards - Prof. K

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